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Industrial designer, Maker

Bumki Song is an Industrial designer who has worked with global brands such as Lexus and Miller Brewing Company. His brand (breaktime_kit) has been showcased globally in multiple exhibitions.


Born in South Korea, he majored in Industrial Design and Materials Study, he understands each product’s practicality as well as sensibility from its essence.


As an Industrial designer, Bumki doesn’t limit himself to one department but explores and experiments with various departments from lighting, furniture, and home decor to electronics.


While creating and running his own brand, he also challenged himself as a branding professional for other emerging brands. As a branding professional, he focused on capturing each brand’s creativity and authenticity as well as what the brand embodies and represents as its values and ideals. His experience as a branding professional helped him to develop his own color and voice.


Bumki is a firm believer in handmade goods that are made with quality in mind and long-lasting durability. He wants to create products that are not just a simple object but products that can introduce delight and joy into people’s lives.





2013 B.A. in Metalsmith

        (Minors : Industrial Design)
        Hanyang University

        Seoul, Republic of Korea

Awards & Project

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