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`Inspired by a cute and personal quirk between my wife and me, I have designed a unique and functional bookmark. As I am taller than my wife by about 1 foot, we often take photos where I playfully rest my chin on top of her head. This endearing gesture sparked an idea that led to the creation of the bookmark. 

The bookmark is not just an ordinary bookmark; it is a delightful way to mark your reading progress even when your book is closed. The design features a charming figure, reminiscent of the playful gesture between my wife and me. With the bookmark's chin resting on the top edge of the book, you can easily locate where you left off when you return to your reading.

To cater to different book sizes and reading preferences, the bookmark comes in two sizes: small and large versions. The small version represents my wife, while the large version symbolizes me. Each size ensures a perfect fit for various book dimensions.

Product information

Title: Bookmark

Object: Bookmark

Materials: Brass

Size: Small 80x25x0.5 Large 90x25x0.5mm

Design: Bumki, Song

Year: 2023


Photographer : Bumki, Song

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