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Coffee pot

Peple are using mocapot in Europe while Asian people use dripper. Brewing coffee is easy to make, and takes long to help people relax. People can feel not only taste but the brewing process intself too. Coffee pot will make to help you enjoy this relaxing time more convenient.

This product has form off coffee dripper and server integarted as one. Copper was utilized for coffee flavor. The handle of the pot is tilted 45 degrees from the original handle when viewed from above. It was designed to pour coffee easier and more elegant. Have a break time with a cup of coffee.

Product information

Title: Coffee pot

Object: Dripper, Pot

Materials: Copper, Tin, Brass, Teak

Size: 90X90X170

Design: Bumki, Song

Year: 2016


Photographer : KC studio, 29cm

Film : Bumki, Song

Model : Mijung Kim

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