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Lexus creative masters-Coffee pot

Lexus Creative Masters-Coffee Pot is a product that was made in 2015 and redesigned for a collaboration with Lexus. It has the same function as usual coffee pot, but designed only for one person use. The philosophy of Lexus is to design for a special one rather than design for mass consumer. This product transforms an existing coffee pot which is usually made for 3 to 4 people to a smaller coffee pot made for one person. Through this product, the customer can enjoy his/her time alone.

Product information

Title: Lexus creative masters-Coffee pot

Object: Dripper, Pot

Materials: Copper, Rose wood, Brass, Teflon

Size: Dripper. 80 x 120 x 90  Pot. 135 x 140 x 140

Client : Lexus

Design: Bumki, Song

Year: 2018


Photographer : 29cm

Film : 29cm

Model : Bumki, Song

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