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Mirror tray

People spend a lot of time at the dressing table because that is where they can get ready for whatever is to come in the day. So it must be clean and organised so that everything you need is at hand. But in reality, it can easily get messy with too many products on the table.  This product is a solution for this problem.  It was designed by considering the fact that woman tend to place their everyday jewelry where they can easily see it rather than keeping it in a jewelry box.  As a result, this product was made by connecting a mirror with a tray for placing everyday jewelry.​

Jewelry is often small and misplaced, making it incredibly easy to lose. There are different types of jewelry cases and boxes but it's still easy to forget where you have placed it. This new product is for keeping your everyday jewelry organised in such a way that it's easy to see. Not only that but you can adjust the angle of the mirror by using brass bracket. 

Product information

Title: Mirror tray

Object: Mirror, Tray

Materials: Wood(Cherry, Walnut), Brass

Size: mirror. 260x200x3.6 tray. 240x136x25

Design: Bumki, Song

Year: 2019


Photographer : Bumki, Song

Model : Mi jung, Kim

Jewelry : S.sil

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