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Breaktime kit

Breaktimekit is a brand that Bumki Song has founded. It has been in operation since December 2014, when the Craft Trend Fair was held. Since the beginning Bumki has been responsible for marketing, branding, curation, product design, production management, and now I am in charge of product design for the brand.

We call the item which we need for certain circumstances to be "kit". There are many kinds of kits such as travel kit, cosmetic kit, experimental kit which have all the necessary kits for certain circumstances. Breaktime kit produce the kits which would help us relieve our stress. Our products are designed with craft and go through at least a single manual process. Have your space cozier and warmer with our items.

Product information

Title:  Breaktime kit

Subjet : Home accessories

Iunching : 2014

Design: Bumki, Song


Photographer : Breaktime kit

Web :


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