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Breaktime kit showroom

Breaktimekit Showroom, which was opened in 2016, was created as a resting space like the name of the rather than a typical showroom concept. Bumki tried to set a comfortable atmosphere by setting up comfortable sofa and removing high furniture. Bumki always served a warm cup of tea to his costumers so they can feel relaxed in the store. Also, he played songs that don’t have any lyrics, so the costumers can focus on their surroundings. Also, he chose light scented perfume and minimize lighting except where the products are.

Product information

Title:  Breaktime kit

Subjet : Showroom

Place : 128-8 Seongbuk-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea

Iunching : 2016

Design: Bumki, Song

Interior : Sungji Woo General Construction


Photographer : Breaktime kit, Bumki Song

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