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Mirror candleholder

This product was inspired by the traditional Korean candlestick lamp call Deungjanbul. Deungjanbul was a lighting device to put beside a bed or desk when there was no electricity. Deungjanbul had a board that prevented the wind from turning off the candle. This product uses this feature, allowing the back broad to reflect light and make it brighter in the dark. Also, when the candle is shaking gently, the light shining from the reflector also is shaking shimmers to maximize comfortable feeling. This product is also designed to be used in various places because the main body and reflector can be separated by magnet.

It comes with four colors and materials, navy, copper, silver and green.

Product information

Title: Mirror candle holder

Object: Candle holder

Materials: Copper, Cherry, Ash, Aluminium

Size: 170 x 195 x 100

Design: Bumki, Song

Year: 2014


Photographer : Bumki, Song

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