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Moja candle

Moja Candle was launched at the start of the Breaktime Kit . The brand choose the first product that can be most relatable when we think of resting and that was candle.

Candle has the most fragrant when it has turned off and the wax is not yet solid. However, there are many cases where the cap is only used to keep the fire intact. So I began to think about more practical use of the cap. 

For people, the cap is a hat. A hat is simply a hat when you put it on your head, but if you turn your hat over, you can use it for other purposes. We utilize this action and put in the candle cap. It is designed to use in two different spaces.

The candles come in three different materials, copper, brass, and silver.

Product information

Title: Moja candle

Object: Candle

Materials: Copper, Brass, N.silver

Size: 82x82x84

Design: Bumki, Song

Year: 2014


Photographer : KCstudio, Bumki, Song

Collaboration : IU(Korean singer)

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