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Coffee set

This product is designed to enjoy high quality coffee outdoor. Usually, when you go camping, you have to drink instant coffee, or carry all the products you need for dripping. We designed in consider to these shortcomings and made it possible to enjoy coffee with one product.

It is divided into three parts. The top part is designed to grind coffee with a coffee mill and drop directly to the second part, the dripper. At the bottom, there is a container where coffee can be stored. Most of the products that you need when you drink coffee are designed in a simple form. In addition, it comes with coffee spoon, tea spoon and leather case.

Product information

Title: Coffee set

Object: Coffee dripper, Coffee mill,                                Container, Spoon, Tea spoon

Materials: Aluminium, Copper, Tin, Steel

Size: 85X85X280

Design: Bumki, Song, Hyunsoo, Han

Year: 2013


Photographer : 29CM

Film : Bumki Song, Hyunsoo Han

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