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Swan lighting

This product is designed by looking at the profile of a swan floating on water. In the shape of a swan leaning his head, the long neck of the swan is expressed as a pillar of light, and the head of the swan is expressed as a pendant. The pendant emphasized the long, sleek image of the swan by making it narrower than the pendant of the basic lighting. It also minimized the brightness of the light and expressed the calmness of the swan. The bottom acrylic is there to express the ripples around the swan floating on the water.

The bottom part and the pendant part are easy to separate and move the column.

Product information

Title:  Swan lighting

Object: Lighting

Materials: Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Acryl

Size: 700X120X1860

Design: Bumki, Song

Year: 2012


Photographer : KC studio

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