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Kiwa tray

Those have been created to explore the concept of “Residue.” I used the objects to show how the things that don’t seem to have much value at first glance could be much more upon a closer look. While thinking about the concept, I saw the kiwa left in the temple. Koreans tend to write their wishes on Kiwa. But that Kiwa is abandoned here and there. It was the moment when the motive was chosen.

In my artistic endeavor, I intentionally emphasized the significance of shadows over the light itself. By carefully layering sheets of Mosi, a traditional Korean fabric, in the shape of Kiwa, I sought to capture the intricate play of light and shadow. Each layer of fabric interacts with the light, creating a subtle shadow that emphasizes the inherent interdependence between light and shadows. This artistic exploration serves as a reminder that light can only exist because shadows exist, and that shadows hold their own beauty and significance.

Product information

Title: Kiwa lighting

Object: Floor lighting

Materials: Aluminium, Mosi

Size: 12"X12"X54"

Design: Bumki, Song

Year: 2023


Photographer : Studio Gumjung

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